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Our Mission

To make personalised training support universally accessible in order to empower any person with the tools to live their best life.



We are committed to continuously improve as individuals and as an organisation to provide products and services which support the continuous improvement of all of our customers as they embrace fitness as a core part of living a happy and successful life. We take the time to define a powerful and positive future in which we are building towards and focus on the small steps we can take each day to support the realisation of our vision.

Aligned with the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, we believe the key to achieving long-lasting and meaningful success for our customers is through the habit of challenging ourselves to continuously self-reflect, learn and innovate.

Health & Fitness

We believe fitness is an investment in living a happy and healthy life and the time spent in the gym today should support both short-term goals, and a fit, strong and healthy future self. We focus on supporting fitness routines which are engaging, sustainable, and work for the individual. Therefore, we stay clear of the “get fit quick” approach to fitness which can have the oppositive effect and increase the risk of injury.

With this in mind, our focus is to ensure that our app is a compassionate fitness app which offers an exceptional customer experience designed around the individual in a way which motivates and fits seamlessly into everyday life.

Focus on

We believe in keeping things simple and effective. We focus on finding simple solutions to complex challenges in order to produce an end product which adds values for our customers. Our app is designed to provide the information required when needed so that our customers can focus on enjoying the best workout possible and truly maximise their time in the gym.

As Leonardo Da Vinci stated, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. We challenge ourselves to think beyond the quickest and easiest solution to implement, and instead find the best and most effective solution which saves time and creates the most value.

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Our goal is to help you enjoy incredible health & fitness and inspire
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